Arminia Bielefeld 2020-21 Player Wages

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Arminia Bielefeld finished as champions in 2019-20 2. Bundesliga season which means they are returning to Bundesliga for the first time since 2008–09 season.

Most of the players are still on 2. Bundesliga wages but with increments that have been added as bonuses that have been put into their contracts.

We have tried our best to source data from as many reliable sources as possible.

The wages here only include the guaranteed amount and do not include any added performance-based bonuses.

Arminia Bielefeld 2020-21 Squad

List of all the Arminia Bielefeld players included in the wage table below are

Goalkeepers: Stefan Ortega Moreno, Oscar Linnér, and Nikolai Rehnen.

Defenders: Mike van der Hoorn, Amos Pieper, Joakim Nilsson, Brian Behrendt, Jacob Barrett Laursen, Anderson Lucoqui, Cédric Brunner, and Nathan de Medina.

Midfielders: Arne Maier, Manuel Prietl, Reinhold Yabo, Nils Seufert, Jomaine Consbruch, Marcel Hartel, and Jóan Símun Edmundsson.

Wingers: Ritsu Doan, Christian Gebauer, Cebio Soukou, and Noel Niemann.

Forwards: Andreas Voglsammer, Fabian Klos, Sergio Córdova, Sebastian Müller, and Sven Schipplock.

Players Out on Loan: Joey Müller

Players In on Loan: Arne Maier, Ritsu Doan, and Sergio Córdova.

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Spielergehälter der Arminia Bielefeld

Below is the table containing wages of all the Arminia Bielefeld Players for the 2020-21 season.

NameAgePositionWages in €/YearContract End
Stefan Ortega Moreno28GK300,0002022
Oscar Linnér23GK235,0002023
Nikolai Rehnen23GK53,0002021
Mike van der Hoorn28CB795,0002023
Amos Pieper22CB78,0002022
Joakim Nilsson26CB450,0002022
Brian Behrendt29CB235,0002021
Jacob Barrett Laursen26LB275,0002023
Anderson Lucoqui23LB106,0002021
Cédric Brunner26RB364,0002022
Nathan de Medina23RB184,0002023
Arne Maier21DM1,000,0002021
Manuel Prietl29DM234,0002021
Fabian Kunze22DM40,0002022
Reinhold Yabo28CM312,0002022
Nils Seufert23CM209,0002021
Jomaine Consbruch18CM100,0002023
Marcel Hartel24AM475,0002022
Jóan Símun Edmundsson29AM364,0002021
Ritsu Doan22RW520,0002021
Christian Gebauer26RW217,0002023
Cebio Soukou28RW260,0002021
Noel Niemann21LW53,0002024
Andreas Voglsammer28CF182,0002021
Sergio Córdova23CF234,0002021
Fabian Klos32CF400,0002021
Sebastian Müller19CF32,5002023
Sven Schipplock32CF350,0002021
Joey Müller20DM27,5002022

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