FC Utrecht 2020-21 Player Wages

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We have tried our best to source data from as many reliable sources as possible.

The wages here only include the guaranteed amount and do not include any added performance-based bonuses.

List of all the FC Utrecht players included in the wage table below are

Goalkeepers: Maarten Paes, Fabian de Keijzer, Eric Oelschlägel, and Thijmen Nijhuis.

Defenders: Justin Hoogma, Willem Janssen, Emil Bergström, Tommy St. Jago, Leon Guwara, Django Warmerdam, Mark van der Maarel, and Giovanni Troupée.

Midfielders: Adam Maher, Joris van Overeem, Simon Gustafson, Odysseus Velanas, Sander van de Streek, Bart Ramselaar, Othman Boussaid, and Justin Lonwijk.

Wingers: Mimoun Mahi, Daniel Arzani, Eljero Elia, and Gyrano Kerk.

Forwards: Adrián Dalmau and Moussa Sylla.

Players Out on Loan: Nick Venema, Vaclav Cerny, Jonas Arweiler, and Mitchell van Rooijen.

Players In on Loan: Justin Hoogma and Daniel Arzani.

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Below is the table containing wages of all the FC Utrecht Players for the 2020-21 season.

FC Utrecht de lonen van spelers staan(FC Utrecht spelers salaries) ​​in onderstaande tabel.

NameAgePositionWages in €/weekContract End
Maarten Paes22GK1,5002023
Fabian de Keijzer20GK6002024
Eric Oelschlägel25GK4752021
Thijmen Nijhuis22GK8502022
Justin Hoogma22CB4,2002021
Willem Janssen34CB4,5002021
Emil Bergström27CB3,0002022
Tommy St. Jago20CB8002024
Leon Guwara24LB3,0002021
Django Warmerdam25LB3,3002023
Mark van der Maarel31RB2,4002021
Giovanni Troupée22RB2,0002021
Adam Maher27CM3,5002022
Joris van Overeem26CM4,0002022
Odysseus Velanas22CM7002022
Simon Gustafson25AM4,0002022
Sander van de Streek27AM3,0002021
Bart Ramselaar24AM5,0002022
Othman Boussaid20AM2,2502021
Justin Lonwijk20AM8002022
Mimoun Mahi26LW2,3002024
Daniel Arzani21LW5,2502021
Eljero Elia33LW2,9002022
Gyrano Kerk24RW3,5002023
Adrián Dalmau26CF4,0002022
Moussa Sylla20CF8252023
Nick Venema21CF1,1002023
Vaclav Cerny23RW2,0002022
Jonas Arweiler23CF1,3002022
Mitchell van Rooijen21DM8752023

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