Fortuna Sittard 2020-21 Player Wages

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We have tried our best to source data from as many reliable sources as possible.

The wages here only include the guaranteed amount and do not include any added performance-based bonuses.

List of all the Fortuna Sittard players included in the wage table below are

Goalkeepers: Alexei Koselev, Yanick van Osch, and Joshua Wehking.

Defenders: Martin Angha, Jaroslaw Jach, George Cox, Roel Janssen, Lazaros Rota, Mike van Beijnen, and Clint Essers.

Midfielders: Jorrit Smeets, Tesfaldet Tekie, Samuel Moutoussamy, Ben Rienstra, Adnan Ugur, Mats Seuntjens, and Nassim el Ablak.

Wingers: Lisandro Semedo, Emil Hansson, and Djibril Dianessy.

Forwards: Sebastian Polter and Zian Flemming.

Players Out on Loan: André Vidigal, Grégoire Amiot, Bassala Sambou, Rasmus Karjalainen, Jacky Donkor, Dimitrios Ioannidis, Özgür Aktas and Veron Parkes.

Players In on Loan: Samuel Moutoussamy and Jaroslaw Jach.

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Below is the table containing wages of all the Fortuna Sittard Players for the 2020-21 season.

Fortuna Sittard de lonen van spelers staan(Fortuna Sittard spelers salaries) ​​in onderstaande tabel.

NameAgePositionWages in €/weekContract End
Alexei Koselev26GK1,5002021
Yanick van Osch23GK7502022
Joshua Wehking20GK2502022
Martin Angha26CB1,8002021
Jaroslaw Jach26CB4,6002021
Branislav Ninaj26CB8002021
George Cox22LB5502023
Roel Janssen30LB7502023
Clint Essers23RB1,2002021
Lazaros Rota23RB2,5002023
Mike van Beijnen21RB2502022
Jorrit Smeets25DM1,5002021
Samuel Moutoussamy24CM2,2002021
Tesfaldet Tekie23CM2,2002021
Ben Rienstra30CM1,1002023
Adnan Ugur19CM1,0002022
Mats Seuntjens28AM1,3002022
Nassim el Ablak20AM2502021
Lisandro Semedo24LW7502022
Emil Hansson22LW7502024
Djibril Dianessy24RW6002021
Sebastian Polter29CF1,5002022
Zian Flemming22CF8002024
André Vidigal22LW8002022
Grégoire Amiot25CB1,5002021
Rasmus Karjalainen24CF1,8002023
Jacky Donkor21LW8002021
Bassala Sambou23CF1,0002022
Dimitrios Ioannidis20RB2502022
Özgür Aktas23CB2502021
Veron Parkes19CF2502023

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