Livingston FC 2022-23 Player Wages

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The Livi Lions decision to a convert cash contributions (minimum of £20 per month) to shares shows their current financial situation with no gate money.

According to latest financial statements, they have made a profit of £367,530 for the season ending June 2019.

The same financial statements also show that they are very reliable on owners as the accounts show the club’s liabilities exceed assets by £658,754.

Financial statements for season ending June 2020 have not been released yet and we will provide you the details as soon as we get them.

That being said, We have tried our best to source data from as many reliable sources as possible.

The wages here only include the guaranteed amount and do not include any added performance-based bonuses.

Livingston FC 2022-23 Squad

List of all the Livingston FC players included in the wage table below are

Goalkeepers: Robby McCrorie, Gary Maley, and Max Stryjek.

Defenders: Efe Eric Ambrose, Alan Lithgow, Jon Guthrie, Jack Fitzwater, Ciaron Brown, Julien Serrano, Jack McMillan, Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, Nicky Devlin, and Carlo Pignatiello.

Midfielders: Marvin Bartley, Scott Pittman, Jason Holt, Scott Robinson, and Steve Lawson.

Wingers: Josh Mullin, Keaghan Jacobs, Alan Forrest, Craig Sibbald, and Scott Tiffoney.

Forwards: Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Matej Poplatnik.

Players In on Loan: Robbie Crawford.

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Livingston FC 2022-23 Players Wages

Below is the table containing wages of all the Livingston FC Players for the 2022-23 season.

NameAgePositionWages in £/WeekContract End
Robby McCrorie22GK1,2002021
Gary Maley38GK5002021
Max Stryjek24GK1,0002023
Efe Eric Ambrose32CB1,8002021
Alan Lithgow32CB6002021
Jon Guthrie28CB1,0002021
Jack Fitzwater23CB2,5002021
Ciaron Brown22CB5002021
Julien Serrano22LB02021
Jack McMillan22LB8002022
Aaron Taylor-Sinclair29LB1,2002021
Nicky Devlin27RB8002021
Carlo Pignatiello20RB3002021
Marvin Bartley34DM1,3502022
Scott Pittman28CM1,0002023
Jason Holt27CM1,0002022
Scott Robinson28CM8002021
Steve Lawson26CM1,3002021
Josh Mullin28RW9002021
Keaghan Jacobs31RW8502022
Alan Forrest24RW1,0002022
Craig Sibbald25LW1,0002022
Scott Tiffoney22LW5002021
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas29CF9002021
Matej Poplatnik28CF7502022
Robbie Crawford26CM8002021

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