Mainz 05 2020-21 Player Wages

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2020-21 season marks the 12th consecutive season in Bundesliga. They have established themselves as a solid mid table season over the past few seasons.

That being said, We have tried our best to source data from as many reliable sources as possible.

The wages here only include the guaranteed amount and do not include any added performance-based bonuses.

1. FSV Mainz 05 2020-21 Squad

List of all the 1. FSV Mainz 05 players included in the wage table below are

Goalkeepers: Robin Zentner, Omer Hanin, and Finn Dahmen.

Defenders: Moussa Niakhaté, Jeremiah St. Juste, Luca Kilian, Stefan Bell, Alexander Hack, Dimitri Lavalée, Aarón Martín, Daniel Brosinski, and Phillipp Mwene.

Midfielders: Niklas Tauer, Pierre Kunde Malong, Edimilson Fernandes, Leandro Barreiro, Danny Latza, Merveille Papela, Kevin Stöger, and Jean-Paul Boëtius.

Wingers: Levin Öztunali and Paul Nebel.

Forwards: Robin Quaison, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Karim Onisiwo, Jonathan Burkardt, Abass Issah, Ádám Szalai, and Marlon Mustapha.

Players Out on Loan: Florian Müller, Ronaël Pierre-Gabriel, and Jonathan Meier.

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Spielergehälter der 1. FSV Mainz 05

Below is the table containing wages of all the 1. FSV Mainz 05 Players for the 2020-21 season.

NameAgePositionWages in €/YearContract End
Robin Zentner26GK498,0002023
Omer Hanin22GK74,5002023
Finn Dahmen22GK78,0002023
Moussa Niakhaté24CB797,0002023
Jeremiah St. Juste24CB1,000,0002023
Luca Kilian21CB190,0002024
Stefan Bell29CB827,0002021
Alexander Hack27CB600,0002022
Dimitri Lavalée23CB364,0002024
Aarón Martín23LB2,000,0002023
Daniel Brosinski32RB800,0002022
Phillipp Mwene26RB623,0002021
Niklas Tauer19DM26,5002023
Pierre Kunde Malong25CM598,0002022
Edimilson Fernandes24CM1,800,0002023
Leandro Barreiro20CM106,0002022
Danny Latza30CM1,000,0002021
Merveille Papela19CM31,0002023
Kevin Stöger27AM986,0002022
Jean-Paul Boëtius26AM780,0002022
Levin Öztunali24RW780,0002021
Paul Nebel18RW25,0002024
Robin Quaison27CF780,0002021
Jean-Philippe Mateta23CF1,800,0002023
Karim Onisiwo28CF700,0002022
Jonathan Burkardt20CF234,0002022
Dong-won Ji29CF1,000,0002022
Abass Issah22CF442,0002023
Ádám Szalai32CF1,500,0002021
Marlon Mustapha19CF20,0002024
Florian Müller23GK300,0002022
Ronaël Pierre-Gabriel22RB1,200,0002024
Jonathan Meier21LB234,0002022

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