Neymar is accused of rape by an unnamed Brazilian woman- Full story

Neymar is accused by a Brazil woman whom he met through Instagram. A complaint has been registered with São Paulo Police after she has shown evidence of their conversation on Instagram and the flight ticket to Paris his agent, who is also his father brought for her to fly from Brazil to Paris and apparently Neymar Sr. also covered her Lodging.

According to sources On May 15, he met her at Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe in a drunk condition. Initially, it started with the conversion but ended up with Sexual Intercourse which was violent and without her consent according to the report she submitted.

Neymar claims that he is being wrongfully setup and is ready to reveal the Whatsapp messages which show her inviting him back to her room on May 16th.

PSG record signing went on to Post a Video titled “Por motivo de extorsão estou sendo obrigado a expor minha vida e família” which roughly translates to “for extortion, I’m being forced to expose my life and family”. the Video is linked below which has gone viral and garnered around 14.5 Million views in just 13 hours.

It is also revealed that she was flown back to Brazil from Paris on 17th May. She filled a complaint on Friday 31st of May at the 6th police station for women’s defense, in Santo Amaro, São Paulo.

News broke out that Woman accusing Neymar of Sexual assault has reportedly attached a dossier that contains Images of the star footballer behaving aggressively towards her.

The video was later removed by Mr. Neymar on advise of his lawyers. they contained Private images of the lady in question. He also shared private conversations between both parties.

Key Points from the Video

His Private life is being brought into open to extort him.
They both parted with smile on their faces
They also talked about women’s Kid
Women is using #MeToo moment to extort him
These are unfair Accusations against him.