USWNT lifts the world cup for 2nd Consecutive time and 4th time in total.

The Second half goals from Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle were enough to see them win the title.

Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe are joint Golden Boot Winners for the 2019 World Cup.

USWNT has achieved what most North American Soccer teams can only dream of winning, a major title in Europe.

The United States women’s national soccer team is also the first national team to play in three consecutive World Cup finals.

They also hold the record of playing in every single semi-final since the FIFA Women’s World Cup began in 1991.

The most important statement that USWNT is making is not on the field but against the gender pay gap.

During World Cup Years, the Max Earnings for the USMNT Is Estimated at $1.1 Million While It Is $200,000 for the USWNT

This could change for the next world cup due to the success of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup as the world cup has reached close to a billion viewers worldwide which is double what 2015 Worldcup did.

This world cup went so well financially that Gianni Infantino, ran out of superlatives to describe it but said

I am planning to propose a significant expansion of the World Cup, to 32 teams from its current 24, and a sizable infusion of cash, doubling not only prize money but also payments to countries and clubs to help their players train and prepare. – Gianni Infantino

He also said this was “the best Women’s World Cup ever “. Which means there is no doubt in saying there will be more infusion of cash into women’s football.

Apart from those here are some of the talking points to come out of this campaign.

Rapinoe vs Trump

It started with Trump inviting the USWNT team to attend White House if they won the world cup but their star player Megan Rapinoe

Then trump took to twitter to reply

Now let’s see where it goes from here now that USWNT has won the title.

Scheduling conflict

It’s not the only final for Women’s world cup but in international football, Copa America and Gold Cup are also being decided.

This has drawn criticism from many quarters as they feel FIFA is disrespecting the women’s game with the scheduling.

Some even asked whether Men’s world cup would also face similar circumstances.

Prize money

While France earned $38 million for winning the 2018 World Cup, US will only earn $4 million for their win. This number is double what USWNT earned after winning the 2015 World Cup title.

Alex Morgan Tea Celebration

In their semi-Final win over England, Alex Morgan raised her right hand to her lips, mimicking how British people stereotypically consume tea.

This has led to a lot of speculation that it was a reference to the Boston Tea Party. But she clarified saying it was not with the following quote.

No, it wasn’t a dig at England or a random reference to the Boston Tea Party, or any number of other theories out there.

she clarified that it was a tribute to Sophie Turner’s amusing Instagram posts. she also said

I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports to feel like we have to be humble in our successes and have to celebrate but not too much, or do something but always in a limited fashion

She added it’s hard to understand the outrage over her celebration when men have celebrated goals by grabbing their crotches.

US officials are caught in England’s World Cup hotel

Undercover US team officials were caught wandering into private rooms at England’s hotel while England team were out training.

This occurred two days before Semi Final clash between USA and England.

But Jill Ellis USWNT manager said they were scouting the hotel as a potential base for final.

I would assume everybody is doing that. You have to plan ahead. The only ones who went were the team administrator and her boss. We don’t worry about that. That’s who the two were. – Jill Ellis