What are Liverpool fans up to on the way and In Madrid ahead of Champions League Final

Liverpool fans are what makes Liverpool FC the club it is today. They are considered as the best fan base in entire Europe by many. European Nights are synonymous with Liverpool FC and their fan culture.

With Liverpool in Champions League final for Second consecutive time and being labeled favorites this time around fans are enjoying themselves in and on their way too Madrid.

Madrid is 1300 miles away from Liverpool, So it is common for many to travel by Air. What if every flight to Madrid is booked or You have a ticket to the game but can’t afford a Flight. This lad is Vlogging his trip to Madrid in a £40 CAR.

Some more fans and their stories

What are the fans who were lucky enough to get a flight doing…. Let’s see

What about the fans who are already at Madrid.you Know the tune




More Allez Allez Allez


Whatever the song is at the end filling Madrid with Red enthusiasm

What If they find Tottenham fans

And Finally as always this is what they are doing with The Sun