Diego Costa is Accused of Tax Fraud by Spanish Law.

We have previously heard stories about Samuel Eto, Neymar, Xabi Alonso, Leo Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo face similar charges before. The main claim in these cases seems to be that the Spanish government expects players to pay a tax of their 20% on income from image rights. Usually, 70% of income for image rights come from outside Spain.

Diego Costa is being accused of income tax fraud from 2014 worth just over €1m which he has earned from image rights before Joining Chelsea.

In similar high Profile cases, CR7 paid a fine of € 5.7 million plus interest of about €1 million euros, in July 2018 after being accused of €28.4 million income fraud linked to the sale of his image rights. He was also sentenced to 24 months in prison, a sentence he is unlikely to serve.

In Messi’s case, he Paid a fine of around €2 million and his father paid €1.5 million. While both Messi and his father Jorge Messi were sentenced to 21 months in prison. Which they are also unlikely to serve.

Neymar is also being investigated by Spanish courts over weather he paid taxes on bonuses he earned in his time in Barcelona.