Is Macclesfield Town the Next Bury?

According to the latest reports Macclesfield Town players and staff were not paid their September wages by the club.

This is not the first time The Silkman failed to pay wages, for instance, they went unpaid for April last season after numerous delays in months before that.

Apart from April last season, there were three other months where Club paid wages late.

But April was the biggest News as Players and Staff considered boycotting their final game of the season against Cambridge while Sitting at 22nd position one above the relegation zone.

The Silkmen, managed by Daryl McMahon currently sit in 17th position in League Two with a record of 3 wins and 4 draws from 11 games.

The former England, Tottenham and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell walking out in late August from managing the club after eight months in charge due to financial frustrations.

The statement from Players and staff of the club read

We as players and staff at Macclesfield Town Football Club regret to inform that last season’s issues regarding payment of wages to ourselves and staff have reoccurred once again.

Saddened by the news of Bury and Bolton’s staff and players we feel the need to release this statement before we find ourselves in a similar situation as there’s.

With not directly involving the EFL with last season’s non payment of wages, we are now pleading with EFL to help Macclesfield Town as a football club to not end up in the same position as what Bury Football Club have found themselves in.

As players and staff, we remain committed and professional to honour our contracts under these extremely difficult circumstances for ourselves and our families.

We’d like thank the fans for their continued support and backing this season so far.

They signed the statment as from “Macclesfield Town players and staff

Macclesfield Town is not a well-run club under current owner Amar Alkadhi, having visited court five times in the last five months.

The Silkmen will have to settle disputes by 23 October or they will be in court once again. The last court hearing was on 11 September.

If reports are to be believed, the club has a £180k short-term loan overdue now and there’s a County Court Judgement from July still outstanding.

Fans are furious about the fact that the owner doesn’t communicate the situation of the club with them properly.

Hope EFL takes action before things get to the situation they faced with Bury or Bolton.

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